Forbidden Rules
By EliahGreenwood
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"I think I may need another tutoring lesson this week." His text reads. "On what?" I text back. A few minutes go by. My phone vibrates with Alex's reply. "How to stop picturing you on top of me." * * * Socially awkward, hopeless romantic Morgan James has spent her entire life living vicariously through others. Having grown up with her nose in a book, she's said around two words to the opposite gender in eighteen years and made peace with the fact that her future husband will most likely be a fictional character. Until him. At first sight, Alexander Holmes has everything a guy could possibly want: a loving, wealthy family, good, okay, great looks, a perfectly mapped out future. Only problem is, his future isn't his at all, and Alex can't help seeking an escape from his parents' choices in all the wrong places. When he gets himself locked in a bathroom with the queen of escapes herself, he can't help but be fascinated by the girl who'd rather dream... than live. As an unexpected friendship starts to grow, Morgan's hit by something new and terrifying: her first real-life crush. But Alex is already seeing someone. A girl who doesn't dread going out in public, a girl who's able to speak to a boy without stuttering: someone normal. Morgan's no fool. She's read all the books. She knows the rules. What makes a hero, what makes a villain. What's forbidden, what's not. She knows the dorky, shy best friend almost never gets the guy and the home wrecker doesn't reap the happy ending. But for the first guy to make her feel alive? She might just give reality a try. * * * FORGOTTEN RULES & THE BAD BOY'S RULES SPIN OFF. NO NEED TO READ THE OTHER BOOKS TO UNDERSTAND! WARNING: SWEARING AND GRAPHIC MATURE CONTENT AHEAD!


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by EliahGreenwood