Bugs Bite
By RaghavBhatia7
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"Open your eyes, Avish. I'm not here to hurt you." A strange melody wakes you up. A man garbed all in black sits in the shadows of your room. He knows you. He knows your very soul. _______________________________________ Now, everyone has seen ghosts. They might deny it, but they have. But Avish's ghost is special. And although the man in black - Bhoo - has left an indelible impact on his traumatic childhood, has been the grains to his gravel, Avish wishes to forget all about him. Can he, though? Nightmares. Domestic violence. Bullies. Booze. An unexplained persona. Does his past - and an estranged of it at that - hold the key to leading his present life? The man in black is a phantom to be feared . . . or is he? Feel free to find out . . . (This is literary/general fiction in the guise of mild horror.) _______________________________________ {VIOLENCE, BLOOD, GORE, CRUDE LANGUAGE AND MATURE CONTENT AFTER CHAPTER 8} P.S. All images used belong to their original owners. { The amazing cover's by @GoldenUnseen } { UNDER EDITING } #completed


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Bugs Bite
by RaghavBhatia7