Tequila Americano
By alcoholandcaffeine
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in which her american dream dies * once upon a time, ingrid had made an attempt at settling down in new york, after years of being on the run from herself. except her american dream turned into her worst nightmare and she hit the road again. now, brave and bold, with a successful career at her back and a good man by her side, ingrid dares to return to the shipwreck she abandoned. vengeful ghosts await her and it's her friends who keep her sane - new ones that she takes under her wing and old ones who come to her rescue in the nick of time. and something...else. something dangerously close to love. something ingrid can't trust herself with as the concrete jungle threatens to swallow her up. does she even deserve to survive the demons she's come to chase? (direct sequel to Whiskey Latte and Vodka Espresso but also works standalone; completed )

1. americano

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Tequila A...
by alcoholandcaffeine