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"If you think I'll ever give you up, you better sit your ass down and do some serious reflection kitten" Lucien growled low in his throat as he cornered her. Maia was startled, not expecting such a comment after she admitted the truth. "I-I didn't-" she was unable to explain herself. She was unprepared for the fierce descent of rough lips pressing forcefully against her own in a punishing kiss. A large hand gripped her ass, pulling her flush against him, and igniting every instinct to submit. Allow this merciless man her heart. Maybe they truly were a match- both harboring such deep secrets. So many secrets. A hot wet invasion began, as her mouth was forced open. Lucien wasted no time in memorizing every inch of his mate's mouth, savoring her sweet taste and the heavy scent of her arousal permeating the air. Only when she was kissed breathless and panting did he leave to whisper in her ear. "Listen good baby, I'll only say this once more. You are mine. You will do well to never forget, least you see more beast than man" A warning.


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