Christmas with Nick...
By rskovach
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When the cookie baking, carol singing and tree trimming heir to Christmas falls for a girl who hates the holiday, he risks losing his birthright to a trickster cousin who'll destroy Yuletide forever. * * * In Lapland, Sinter Klaas is still in charge of Christmas, but one day his son stands to inherit the happiest of all holidays. And a Klaas has to choose to give up his birthright, something Nick-the "most eligible bachelor of the Arctic Circle"-would never willingly do. Unless, of course, love was involved. And who better to poison the heart of the most festive man in the reach of the aurora borealis than the woman who hates Yuletide more than anyone else in the world? Noelle Nixon is "one of those" people. Everyone knows one: someone who lives for sun, surf, and palm trees, someone who'd rather be in perpetual vacation mode, and someone who'd gladly skip from Halloween directly to Easter rather than having to deal with the gloom, stress, and forced cheer of the "holiday season." When magical scheming during the winter equinox involving a black buck, a frost fairy, and a couple of curious gnomes forces the New York City violinist to travel across the North Atlantic for a private holiday concert, the pure, unsuspecting Nick will risk losing his claim on Christmas in favor of his heart unless Noelle's one flaw is a deal breaker to what would otherwise be a perfect match. (c) Copyright 2019 - RS Kovach All Rights Reserved.

Part 1: Prologue

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by rskovach