Fear Among The Shad...
By roaa_reads
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Cover design by Avantika Singh (instagram: @_avxntika_) This is no tale of sparkly magic, sunlit meadows or glittering wish-granting faeries; no, our tale consists of blood curses, deadly forests and heinous, villainous wielders of the darkest form of magic. I remember watching these events unfold. It felt like a giant game of chess. I had to move some pieces and set plans into motion. Those who believed they were knights and bishops and queens turned out to be only pawns. Some of them were lost, as in any game and in the end all that remained was the king, standing alone atop a mountain of those who gave themselves for nothing. No, my dear reader, this is not a happy tale. So, brace yourself. You are about to delve into my world; a world where even the most innocent of souls can murder in cold blood, and those with the cruelest and most wretched hearts can soothe the pain of others. Adilah of Grend was not expecting to be stuck in the middle of a magical civil war. But when her father makes a deal he can't keep, there is only so much a girl can do... (Completed)


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Fear Amon...
by roaa_reads