Gunslingers & G...
By relevy
  • Science Fiction
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  • revenge
  • sciencefiction
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  • western


[Editors' Choice] Cash Guthrie can hide no longer. The notorious gunslinger and her band of alien misfits plan to rob the biggest Casino in town. It's not about the money for Cash though, it's about Boss and the love they once shared. _________________________________________________________________________________ Cash Guthrie was once an infamous bounty hunter, but those days are long behind her. Now she's living in self-inflicted exile as the sole purveyor of radioactive moonshine on the planet of al-Sufi. Now Boss, a former lover, wants Cash's moonshine for Sweetwater Casino. Simple enough, until the business arrangement and reunion, are interrupted when Boss's son is kidnapped by Calvera, the smooth-talking skeezy owner of the only other casino in the city of Lead Belly. To take Calvera and his operation down, Cash must abandon her treasured anonymity, reclaim her fabled identity as The Woman in Black, and return to her gunslinging ways. Using only wits, charm, and lots of Boss' money, she recruits a new crew for one last job. And if she fails, she will lose her only shot at rekindling the long-lost love of her life. Cover Art: Felipe Kroll

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by relevy