Facade (a teen sto...
By RhodaKadri
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Laila Sofela is an easy going, carefree and intelligent sixteen year old orphan that lives with her aunty. Her dreams came true when she was given scholarship to one of the most expensive private school in the country. She hope to enjoy the adventure in the new world different from the one she knows. But boy she was so wrong as she becomes the toy for amusement for the king bully Jason Johnson. And she discovered there is nothing she could do since everyone fear him even the teachers has no say. Jason Johnson is not only a king bully but a sadistic, handsome and intelligent seventeen year old, born with a silver spoon. He finds pleasure in bullying students and he is feared and hate by all. He found Laila amusing and he make it his mission to torment her despite she try to stay away from him and then try to be nice to him. Laila tries to survive his bullying until she finds out the secret of the king bully. Find out Laila adventure in her new school, Jason attraction to Laila and the reason for the facades. #1 in motivational - 13/09/2020 #1 in Waa #6 in Tea2020 #1 in Africa - 01/03/2021

Introduction And Characters

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Facade (...
by RhodaKadri