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Love is a blissful feeling.It has no boundaries ,when we are in love we only see the good qualities in that person we always try to avoid their bad qualities.Love changes us for good and changes our aspect of seeing life.When we are in love we start to like many things which we once used to hate .Love is not a word just to say, it is a feeling to feel ,it is a moment to live.If you love a person ,you will always love him/her no matter who they are ,or what they do.Every love story doesn't have a happy ending ,and every lovers doesn't spend their whole life together but if our love is true then the moment spent with our loved ones are enough for us to live our life. This is what this story explains ,it's all about love and how we fall in love without even knowing. We can love a criminal , a beggar , a psycho it doesn't matter .It's love that matters the most .We should we grateful that we are capable of loving someone,because there are many people who can't experience love . This story is about a girl who is fed up of life, just when she was about to end her life,she meets someone,someone who gave her a reason to live ,someone who made her feel loved.But what will happen when she will know he is not what he shows or what she thinks.


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by Reticent666