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READ BOOK ONE! You will be lost. Arthit, Knott, Prem, Tutah, and Bright are in their Third year and known as the crazy engineering gang to their classmates. They are also the Red Jacket Hazers. Kongpop, Tew, Wad, Oak, and Aim are First Years who are about to face the Crazy Hazers. What will happen between these two groups of Seniors and Juniors during Hazing? While tempers flare and love blooms, friendships will be forged between the two groups but will they be able to face dark past that will challenge what they have once believed in and trusted of their University? Prem and Wad are the main focus but I will also pull in the other characters' storylines and stay true to the SOTUSverse. Warning: Boyslove and all that goes with that. So if you don't like do not read. There is also profanity. There will be mature scenes. I will note on the chapter so if you are uncomfortable you can skip. Text copyright 2019-2020 by krstjb Please do not translate without my permission. If you find this on other platforms please message me. Highest Achieved Ranks( I don't know how much this really matters since it varies so much.) # 1 knottew # 1 kongpoparthit # 1 premxwad # 1 tew # 1 wad # 1 knott # 2 tutah # 2 knotttew # 3 prem # 4 premwad # 3 bright # 6 sotustheseries # 6 kongart # 7 kongpop # 11 kongarthit # 26 sotus # 28 arthit # 62 boyslove # 180 bl The characters in this story do not belong to me but to Bittersweet, author of SOTUS. Original Plot points used for story continuity. Text copyright 2019 by krstjb Everything else plot-wise is me :) Cover picture credited to GMMTV

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by krstjb