Fairy Book (#Nalu f...
By smexyheartfiliaa
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A modern society of Fairy Tail is born. And the latest website everyones attached too is: Fairy Book. Lucy has developed feelings for Natsu over the time period she's been in Fairy Tail and in team Natsu. Guess what? They've been daiting for over a month! Fairy Tail is the name of their school and their little gang is team Natsu. You can guess who mentioned this as the name can't you? Lisanna. You guessed differently? Oops.. However after a painful post by Lisanna. Lucy breaks up with Natsu, and he will do anything to get his princess back. But he doesn't actually know that her reason is a complete lie... But that't not the only problem, everyone is experiencing problems in the real world. Erza is having problems with Jellal. Levy's sister is suffering from depression, not to mention it's the one and only Juvia! Also Gajeel is nowhere to be seen when Levy needs him the most? Dont get started on Gray who has to deal with his heart-broken brother: Natsu. While their little sister Wendy is left in danger in the middle of the night... But Lucy... She's got a father... Who blames her as a murderer?!?!?! Travel through the online adventure of the Fairy Tail members, but watch out for the online quest is just about to become, reality. "Living online is better than reality!" - I OWN NOTHING BUT THE PLOT? IT HAS BEEN ADAPTED FROM OTHER FANFICS BUT THE FB IDEA WAS BECAUSE I MADE IMAGES ON INSTA, WHICH I IWLL TRY TO POST IN MEDIA!-

Status update one: Natsu's house.

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Fairy Boo...
by smexyheartfiliaa