Outside The Lines (...
By NicoleMckoy
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Cecilia Atwood has lived a life of complete privilege. Her father is a night club tycoon. Her mother has always been the best mother to her and her brother as well as the best support system to her father. Cecilia has always managed to get good grades and stay out of trouble. Now a freshman in college and living in her own condo in Los Angeles, all of that is about to change. What first seems like harmless flirtation soon turns into a taboo affair. Cecilia slowly sheds her good girl image and gets a taste of adulthood in the worst way. Mason Atwood is a star athlete with many scouts already interested in giving him a college scholarship. He's popular and has a good group of friends as well as a steady girlfriend. But sometimes having everything comes at a high cost. What does one do when every dream they've ever had for themself is taken away in an instant. Follow Mason and Cecilia as they navigate through young adulthood and see what it is really like living outside the lines. [Note: These characters are from my stories "All In", "High Stakes" & "Cash Out". You do not need to read either of those stories to follow this one. This story is a spin off from those stories following the main characters children.] (This story will be told in Cecilia and Mason's points of view.)

Outside The Lines (Interracial Romance)

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Outside T...
by NicoleMckoy