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Running from a sordid marriage Princess Marvelina seeks freedom but feels powerless. After escaping Square Headquarters she roams the streets and discovers that everyone is trapped within the walls of Square City, except Aristocrats like herself. A former courtesan slave of Marvelina's husband Duke Scombslic, Shavana escaped before Marvelina was born. She and her fellow courtesans have survived in WilderWood since then, undetected by Square Troopers or Rebels. When Marvelina arrives she is distrusted by the women and dubbed the Princess of the Enemy. Marvelina realizes that she can't be free all alone. Bold with anger and determined to be free, Marvelina doesn't realize that she is the one "who would lead without knowing who follows her," but soon learns that she can't escape her power. Her quest for freedom is a catalyst for change. The creation of the story of Marvelina began back in the early 1990's when I wrote and produced twelve half hour episodes of the live radio drama for WBAI/Pacifica Radio in NYC. It never felt finished, and a couple decades later I returned to the story to write my first novel. Most of the original characters remain, but the storyline changed quite a bit, and progressed much further than the original story. I have written three drafts so far. I get a little editing help at one point from an old high school classmate with a lot of talent in that direction. I will be posting two or three times a week as I make a pass at line editing each bit. I might also attach some bits and pieces of audio from the original radio drama... I am really looking forward to getting some feedback and some love too, I won't lie. Wishing each of you who has read this far Peace and Poetry. #ProjectWomanUp

Chapter One Part One

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