Now You See Me ( h...
By MrStyles_TPWK
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"Why do you have to make this so hard, Maddi? You know I love you! I don't care if my crew finds out who you are! I've seen the real you!" Harry yelled at me. "Yes, you saw me! You saw a part of me that nobody was supposed to know and now people are going to know I'm ruined Harry I'm fucking ruined!" I screamed, making Harry grab my hands and pull me towards him. "It doesn't matter let my crew find out Maddison at the end of the day I still love you! Don't do this to me! All you have to do is trust me, Maddison!" "I do trust you, Harry." "Then why are you leaving me?" Harry asked as he kissed the backs of my hands. "Because now you see me."

The Cast

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Now You S...
by MrStyles_TPWK