Wounded Heart ✔
By BloodRed_Rose97
  • Romance
  • arrognant
  • brokenheart
  • care
  • concern
  • death
  • hate
  • independent
  • kapoors
  • khruanas
  • love
  • marriages
  • nightmares
  • pain
  • releazations
  • revenge
  • romance
  • secondmarriage
  • separation
  • strong
  • sufferings
  • tears
  • torture
  • unwantedwife
  • willpower


"Will, you ever move on, forget him?" Her friend asked. "He is my breath and I will forget him when I forget to breathe." She answered with a smile on her face. "He belongs to someone else. You know he can never be yours." Her friend wanted her to understand so desperately. "My love and my memories are mine. He may not belong to me but our time together belongs only to me." *** "I married you to fulfil my Aashi's last wish. You will never belong here." He told her clutching her arms tightly, pressing her to the wall. "I know, you don't have to throw it in my face." She said blankly and left him in shock. *** "I love you, please, I am sorry." "I don't love you. My love for you has faded long ago." She told him blankly and walked away. He stared on broken-hearted as she left. He vowed to himself. He would heal her, mend her, rekindle her love. He would die trying. (Images and Pics belongs to Pinterest and Google) Start Date: 28th October 2019 End Date: 23rd October 2020 The book cover is designed by Khushworld1234

~Prologue~ (e)

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Wounded H...
by BloodRed_Rose97