Emma made me do it
By PhenaPoo
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GOING BACK IN TIME WAS NEVER PART OF KATS PLAN FOR THE FUTURE... Kat Jones is an average teenager in her last year of school and all she wants to do is get it over with so that she can get into her dream university and get her dream job. However her life's plans are disturbed when she is mysteriously transported back in time, to the year 1807, and into the body of Lady Katherine Ainsworth, where manners and decorum are important and one small mistake could ruin your reputation. ERIC'S FUTURE IS CAUSING HIS PAST TO CATCH UP WITH HIM Lord Eric Hartford is stuck in a marriage arrangement with a girl he has no interest in, and all he wants to do is live the rest of his lonely life in peace. When his fiancee has an accident that causes her to lose her memory, he secretly hopes to get out of the marriage but there's something about her that's changed and is attracting him towards her...

Part 1

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Emma made...
by PhenaPoo