The New Girl In Sch...
By folashewaodekunle
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||A WATTPAD FEATURED NOVEL|| ||NOW ON GOODNOVEL|| Annabella Christopher popularly called 'Anne', is a young girl from a poor family. She secures an admission into an elite school through scholarship thereby giving hope to her family. But things don't really go as planned for Anne in her new school. Betty Adams, a rich popular girl has set her eyes on her and has made a single vow, to make her life miserable. Poor Anne remains extinct in her school, being a nobody and having no influence. Whatsoever, Betty and her minions makes life a living hell for her in school and at home... Home... Always gives her more cause to worry than a reason to smile. Until a knight in shining armor comes along, but that only makes Betty more furious as the knight turns out to be here ex-boyfriend who ditched her for poor Anne. Now, Anne is torn between her love for her parents, mistreatment from Betty and her new found admirer. How will she juggle the whole thing to fit in her life and keep up as a straight 'A' student to keep her scholarship intact?

Part One: In The Beginning

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The New G...
by folashewaodekunle