I want to spend my...
By Twilight_Hime10
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Maverick Swan is the older paternal cousin of Charlie Swan. The two boys grew up together that they see themselves as brothers more than cousins. Sadly, after they graduated from Forks High School, the two men went their separate ways. Charlie joined the Police Academy while Maverick enlists himself to the Marines. During his time in the Marines, Maverick fell in love with a beautiful woman named Brittany Pierce in San Diego, California. After their relationship became serious, Brittany became pregnant with Maverick's child. Brittany wanted to tell Maverick, but his officials sent him to Afghanistan to fight in a war. Nine months later, Brittany gave birth to a little girl named Abigail Amelia Swan after their mothers. Brittany didn't want to be a mother, so when she heard that Maverick was coming back from war. Brittany has decided that it would be for the best that Maverick takes custody of their daughter. When Maverick came home from war, all the young man wanted was to relax with his girlfriend. But when Maverick stepped foot into his house, he was shocked to see his girlfriend holding an adorable little girl. Maverick immediately knew that the child is his because the little girl has Brittany's blonde hair and his mother's green eyes. Once Maverick held his daughter for the first time, he felt immense happiness. But that changed when Brittany confessed to Maverick that she's leaving California. Brittany then tells Maverick that Abigail is going to be in his custody. Fifteen years later, Abigail had enough of her and Maverick moving throughout the country, so she confessed to her father that she wants to live with her Uncle Charlie at Forks, Washington. Wanting to be in his daughter's life, Maverick has decided that he is going to retire from the Marines. And, so the father and daughter duo packed their belongings as they head to their new home at Forks, Washington.

Ch. 1 The Preface

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I want to...
by Twilight_Hime10