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#1 in boyfriend (um what? Am I dreaming?) "Oh kid," he laughs and walks closer to me. He doesn't get close enough to stand between my legs, but his thighs still brush my shins. "Maybe you'll be able to pay better attention if you get used to this," he says, casting a small glance down to his exposed torso. I doubt it. Roman is Sadie's childhood crush. And the brother of her best friend, Naomi. For years she has hidden her feeling for him because you just aren't allowed to be in love with your best friend's brother. When they all come home for Thanksgiving break, Sadie and Naomi are transported back to their high school years of sleepovers, blanket forts, and exchanging secrets. But for Sadie, this means hiding her feelings for Naomi's brother just like she had for all of high school, but now that she's older and more mature, will her affections for him dissipate, or will she realize that there was no way she could ever hide her feelings from him or her best friend?

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