Daughter of Pink Di...
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The story of Pink Diamond Daughter becoming a Perfect Diamond. Steven Universe and The Crystal gems are still at war with the Diamonds but Steven finds out, He has a sister. Pink Diamond made a Gem daughter to follow in her foot steps but White takes away Pink's Daughter to make her a Perfect Pink Diamond. The Daughter of The original Pink Diamond finds out what happened to her mother. She wants revenge against the Crystal gems and to destroy Earth but will Steven and the Crystal gems be able to stop the new Pink diamond and her evil plans or will Steven be able to get through to his sister and make her turn to the right side...Find out in the book! (Hello, Thank you for Reading my Book, Please Rate and Comment and Give Feedback. Please don't be Rude because I don't need negative words towards me but anyways Thank you and I hope your enjoying it so far. Trying my best to make a Good book. Please Follow me to get notified about new Books. Thank you. Ranked 1st in Tags: #whitediamond (2019) #bluediamond (2019) #steven (2019) & (2020) #rosequartz (2019) #beachcity (2019) #yellowdiamond (2020)


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