Rumor Club Adventur...
By MiraiShiaki
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"Welcome to the Rumor Club! I'm Cross, the President. I'm glad to meet you!" A new school is like a new companion. Adapting to them. Getting along with them. "The Rumor Club is made to solve supernatural rumors. Something out of this world!" "Why do you held... masses during October 26, Killer?" "It's for the missing students, Dream." "... Missing?" They're like people. You get to know them over time. You learn their nature. You learn their dark secrets. "I like to report a missing person." "Your name, sir?" "Nightmare Joku." "And their name?" "Cross." ---:--- WARNING! This book contains the following: Strong language, Violence and Mentions of Suicide. Depression and Suicide is no laughing matter and should be talked about and dealt with quickly. Please talk to anyone about your worries because the burden should not be carried alone. Cross X Nightmare - CrossMare Highschool AU Book Cover not mine... Characters belong to their respectful owner.


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Rumor Clu...
by MiraiShiaki