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FALAK; In a village, where every girl has to get married at the age of fifteen, a girl find herself in a hard situation where no one is willing to marry her because of some unbeknownst reason to her and her father. Her step mother made sure to flaunt and taunt her with every chance she gets. Flaunt her daughters' husbands and children in her eyes but she didn't give an eff and concentrated on writing waec and hopefully, get someone to take her away from her home to university. At seventeen, she's in grade 11 (Ss2) and was asked to pay for the waec if they have the money or wait for another year if they don't. The school fees is free and that's why she's still there. But you can't get everything in life, she dropped out when her father said he doesn't have the money to pay for her waec so she gave up her Dream. SHADDAD; In a palace, where he must learn the etiquettes of being the next king, where he is the next in the line to the throne of Kano state. People expect a lot from him but he gave none. He has been taught how to be a king and how one should act. He knew that correctly and does as the people expect him to. At the age of twenty seven, he has his bachelor degree in business as he was expected to start running the family business before the throne is given to him. That's not all, he is also a great Cardiologist! With his status, looks, fame, brain and money, he will have everything he wants in a heartbeat but sadly, he wants nothing. The famous life is just pain but he's not complaining as he has nothing to complain about! But people think he has a disorder because he hardly interacts. What happens when the bubbly Falak meets stone faced Shaddad? Will she be able to break the stone or will she drown? Will she be able to get a glimpse of his stars or will she merge into the dark sky? Will the uncouth love she has for him become deep or will it just be uncouthness? No plagiarizing of this book! Copyright© 2019. All rights reserved. Aishatu.


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