A Town Called Frien...
By tomisworld
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"We figured. That's why we want to offer you something." British boy said. "You can call it a proposition." Boy number 5 piped in. "Or you can call it an offer of a lifetime." Boy number 4 chimed in, earning an eye roll from me. "So exactly what are you saying?" I asked hesitantly. "Let's take you to the fun side of town called friendship." Boy number 2 responded. "A town with no rules on the basis of love, where friends become family. It's that easy" Boy number 3 finished. At least that's what I thought. **** Ever broken into a security watched park at 2 am to save someone from possibly dying inside a kids' playground tunnel? Or ever tried to do unspeakable things just to help a friend? Well that's what happens when you decide to befriend dummies. ***** After leaving home, hostile Renee sets off to a whole new territory in preparation for her Masters. With zero friends and no iota of what it means to make one, she heads on, determined to keep her head out of drama. But it seems this trouble can't stay away. Meet Henry, Chris, Jaxx, Harlan and Matteo. Five annoying and humorous flirts seeking a change of atmosphere, a fresh start and a new beginning of some sort. When these boys come barging into her life, she has to prepare herself for her worst nightmare; Friendship. Join them as they embark on this course of love, loads of laughter, hatred, adventures and yeah, friendship.

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A Town Ca...
by tomisworld