Finding Red
By professor-blue
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Crystal, a young adult from New Bark Town, has spent most of her life trying to get a job, in a world where it is expected for people to go on Pokémon journeys and become Pokémon trainers. Despite strong resistance, when her dream company asks her to go on a journey for her first assignment, she reluctantly obliges with the plan of doing her best to coast through the next year. However, when a cursed photograph falls into her hands, Crystal finds herself with incredible issues and responsibilities. Suddenly, she is bound by contract to be the keeper of the soul of Red, a trainer lost to the world for a year. As the only one who can see him, and know of his existence, she must fulfill an impossible contract to set him free. But not everything is as it seems. Red has lost his memory, and neither party knows how or why Red's soul is trapped away. With time ticking down, and Crystal's new job on the line, the two must team up to overcome obstacles of themselves and the forces that strive to keep them from their dreams. Can the two of them set Red free in time? Find out in Finding Red. Cover by Imberlapis


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Finding R...
by professor-blue