Shot By Your Arrow
By sunglarex
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Extremely bored with her routined life, Wisteria Jensen chooses to leave Wilmington, Delaware, where she has lived since birth. She decides to temporarily move to Ocean City, New Jersey to stay with her cousin, Fallyn, for the summer, with the hopes of relaxing, soaking up some much needed sun, and going on an exciting, enriching new adventure. Shortly after moving and finding a job at an ice cream shop, she meets a regular, a handsome, British stud named Jamie. The two eventually start to build a connection, but when things begin to heat up, Wisteria realizes she may be way in over her head. There is someone else in her life, her long-term boyfriend, Taurus, who has been around during many crucial, difficult times. She despises the thought of hurting him, especially after all the two have been through together. Unfortunately, her heart is the one calling all the shots, and Wisteria knows she has to make a decision between Taurus and Jamie, while also remembering the consequences of any action she chooses to take. It will be far from easy and even dangerous, as one of these men suffers from extreme paranoia and anger issues. Will this wanderlust-driven, hopeless romantic appease her craving for something new and exciting, or will it all just end up tearing her life to pieces?

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by sunglarex