The Devil You Know...
By AdaStuart
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"Sometimes even the best-laid plans fail miserably." How do you prevent the hot boss from going berserk with the office credit card at the annual Halloween party? Mia has the perfect plan: A masked devil costume, a little seduction mixed with plain theft. Some steaming sex with her hunky boss is just icing on the cake. Besides, it's only for one night. He will never know who tricked him. Would he? Still, the plan backfires when Mia realises that Sebastian might be the one - the one worth keeping. While Sebastian is angry and looking for revenge. What will happen if he realises that his grey-suited co-worker is the sexy devil he's looking for? ------------- Warning: DO NOT READ! If you're not into mature content books. NOTE 1: The full version, with title "Billionaire Boss", is available on Amazon (, Google, Apple and Smashwords, etc. NOTE 2: This is a Dubcon Enemies-To-Lovers Romance with a HEA. It was originally published on for the Halloween Contest 2019. ------------------------------ Copyright (c) 2019 Ada Stuart, All Rights Reserved. This work may not be published whether for fee or free without this copyright. Editors: AussieGuy52 and ThisNameIsntTakenYet over at Literotica Cover photo by Racool Studio on Freepik Cover design by Ada Stuart ----------------------------- A few words from the author: I just love a heroine that goes beyond the conventions and just grabs what she wants. Mia is definitely one of those strong women that I both love reading and writing about. Enjoy! Ada ------------------------------ Highest ranking: #3 redlips #5 colleague # 5 costume # 24 elevator # 18 noncon #57 eroticastories # 61 adult-content

Chapter 1 The Halloween problem

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The Devil...
by AdaStuart