Broken Stones [Comi...
By hallonn23
  • Mystery / Thriller
  • abducted
  • cops
  • creepy
  • crime
  • criminal
  • darkness
  • death
  • humantrafficking
  • love
  • murder
  • mystery-thriller
  • police
  • pyscho
  • scary
  • serialkiller
  • stalker
  • torture


Rookie FBI agent Victoria Stone puts her career on the line in order to catch a serial killer lurking in the shadows of Washington DC, but whenever her veteran partner, Agent Black, unburies secrets that turn the case on its head, Agent Stone realizes there's something far more important at risk-her life. ***** Six dead girls. The most recent bodies discovered in an old warehouse. Twins. Limbs bound. Mutilated. Tortured and left to be burned alive. The most important case in rookie FBI agent Victoria Stone's career. Her first case assigned directly from the Deputy Director of the FBI himself. With the help of her veteran partner, Elijah Black, Agent Stone must work quickly to capture the killer who has brought wide-spread panic to Washington DC. With very little physical evidence and unreliable witnesses, there's not much to go on. The case seems hopeless. If the pair fail, more girls will die. He will kill again and again. The clues twist, secrets hide truths, and the killer continues to watch the nightly news with a sly smirk because his final victim might be closer than anyone realizes.

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Broken St...
by hallonn23