Janiel, Lookism- I...
By EXMoonChild
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Daniel Park was a new student at a school and was terrified. He was afraid that everyone would bully him again like they did at his old school. Even if Daniel was handsome, people bullied him terribly because of it. They were jealous and saw that Daniel hated fighting back. There was too much heartbreak in his heart. Daniel used to be short and obese, and even though he wasn't anymore, his self esteem was non existent. Jay Hong was a quiet boy who never spoke or showed his eyes, which made him intriguing for Daniel. As soon as Jay saw Daniel, his dull and lonely eyes lit up, even if nobody could see that. His eyes followed every one of Daniel's movements as soon as he stepped into the classroom on his first day. He never made a move because he thought Daniel was too good. How Jay ended up in Daniel's heart was a mystery to Jay.

Chapter 1: First Time Seeing Love

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Janiel, L...
by EXMoonChild