Queer Things Are Af...
By dexterlegon
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When a British city becomes riddled with black magic, it's up to some teens and a dusty garage to save the world from a blood-curdling apocalypse. Ingrid, Dawn and Mateo are normal teens. Except for the fact that Dawn burned down Ingrid's house, Ingrid is forced into silence and Mateo is a criminal in the making. So, when mysterious stranger Cole begins to work some strings behind the scenes and they are all gifted with strange powers, it's down to them to put their differences aside and unite in the face of darkness. And, who knows, maybe an imminent apocalypse might put them all back on track. [note: publication dates are all a bit different, if i republish a part, it's because i've noticed a mistake in typing, not changing any plot, so don't worry!]

Part One - Arson, Pride and an Omnipresent Emo

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Queer Thi...
by dexterlegon