Why me? (jenlisa au...
By eemerald_eyess
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Lisa Manoban is a bad bitch of the school, leader of "Black squad". She's rich, pretty and smart, but scary, cold-blooded and don't like when someone touches her. Everyone wants to be friend with her, everyone is scared of her. But in reality she don't want to be like this. She loves photography, hugs and dancing. She's really cute and funny, always smiling. Jennie Kim is a quite girl who loves photography, fashion and music. She's a part of "Pinks" - shy and smart kids, who just doesn't fit into other party's. Black squad always bully Pinks, especially Jennie. But not Lisa. That's why J is falling in love with her. That's why she started following her on social media. She wants to know more about this girl.

Followed. (Insta)

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Why me? (...
by eemerald_eyess