The Reincarnated Tw...
By jushavefun__taku
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Tanaka Yuji was your average 18 year old boy. He loves to drink coffee/tea and read books (the total opposite of boys, idk if some boys do this but if you do let's be friends lmao). He excels in all subjects and physical area too, thanks too a certain someone. He's a genius hacker and prefers peace and quiet. He's like a young master of some noble house heck he could even pass for some sort of duke or prince. He's one of those boys in school that gets the girls heart to throb. Wellllll until he's paired with his younger sister Urasaki Amane. Urasaki Amane a 17 year old girl and is the total opposite of her brother. She's loud and cheerful, she loves the arcade and loves to play games. One time she forced Yuji to play this otome game it was hilarious. She excels in all athletic areas and thanks to her brother Yuji she excels academically too. She's like a tomboy who likes to be pet on the head and enjoys clinging to people... she's like a do- anyway Yuji and Amane are on their way home after club activities before dying. Yuji and Amane two siblings who love each other and wish there were siblings. Born the same month and day only in different years, only one year apart. Two siblings die in a crash by the infamous Truck. Only to be reincarnated in the otome game: Save me, Love me. (Novice writer, just wrote this for fun. Uhh I'll continue if people want me too but for now I'll just post whenever I guess. Enjoy🙃)


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The Reinc...
by jushavefun__taku