Owning You - A Na J...
By Kainingwen
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Seventeen-year-old Haeri is a rich, bored, and beautiful high school student. She is engaged to Jaemin, a gorgeous rich boy in the same elite school. Haeri decides to treat Jaemin's dislike of her as a challenge, and resolves to make him fall in love with her. What Haeri wants, Haeri gets. The only problem is a rival has appeared, in the shape of a poor girl on a scholarship. Juda has been poor all her life. She has set her sights on Jaemin, and is determined to win him by fair means, or foul. Haeri is determined to fight her for him, and she is prepared to use every single one of her feminine wiles to win his heart.

1. He Owns Me

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Owning Yo...
by Kainingwen