Amor Fati
By noelicoan
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Persephone Jackson 's only wish was to know the existence of a benevolent God, one who didn't throw her away. One who would care... but what she got in turn were the gods. Arguing, loving, overreacting and being a general pain in the ass, was all the gods did in their 'meaningful' immortal lives. BUT!! Who designed their lives that way? Which way have they spun the wheel of fortune? Which way did Eros shoot his arrow? And which way was I going? Oh, to the left, a little onwards till you see the chapter. Thank you! All credit goes to Stan Lee, Marvel, Rick Riordan and myself for making the characters and writing the story. If you steal this story? Trust me. The result won't be pretty... Enough threatening for the sneak peak. Enjoy some more in the story! Toodle pip and off we go! noelicoan.


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Amor Fati
by noelicoan