Fire on the Mound
By byWilliamJMeyer
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One thousand years ago... Mtilan, the Unborn King, pledged his life to Legion, the fallen spirit from beyond the veil of time. Through dark and forbidden magic the broken man gained both immortality and incredible power-- but lost his soul. Over a millennium later Pekra and his sister Lely race to find the mythical cottonwood tree and protect it from Mtilan and his master Legion-- but to succeed they must first befriend their father's killer-- a former knight simply called Fool. Through tragedy and despair the siblings journey across a perilous island full of mystery and legend. And at the cradle of the world Pekra must face his greatest challenge -- can he learn forgiveness? This is my first novel! Thank you for taking a look. "The fire does not come from the mind." The audio version of this story was fortunate enough to be awarded the 2014 Parsec Awards Best Speculative Fiction Story (Long Form) and the 2013 The Geekie Awards Best Narrative Audio Series. You can find the free audio version at

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Fire on t...
by byWilliamJMeyer