Molten Bound
By Babyflowerfae
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When the sun comes down, the beast comes out. But what about when they're three hot beasts? And they all want you- dead? ***** It all started with a fire which leaves her orphaned. Never in a million years would Elodea Matese have believed she would leave her simple life behind and move to a new town. A town with a group of boys who seem to have an alluringly dangerous secret. Elodea finds herself entangled in the web of a particular Molten eyed boy. A web that involves Fallen Angels, Demons and a bit of romance. But what no one told her about dangerous love was the beautiful destruction that came with it. Amazing cover by Eurybia. ©2019 by Fae Samuel. All rights reserved.

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Molten Bo...
by Babyflowerfae