Lone Wolf (EDITING)
By PascaleH
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Cover by Ashtonlirwin Seren had a rough start. As a child, she was the runt of her pack before the system took her away from her parents and sent her to live with Ian McGreggor, a kindly old man. All Seren wants is to be left alone. Pack life is not for her. It is a place where she would only be pushed around and treated like dirt and a mate would only make it worse. She believes that she has everything under control- working as McGreggor's store helper during business hours and a free wolf the rest of the time. But when she accidentally trespasses on neighboring pack lands, she sets a storm of change in motion and finds her wolf hunted. When the alpha finally gets his hands on her, Seren's worst fears come true and she is forced to make a decision. Face a new lifestyle or run. Read the sequel Providence or follow the brother in Donovan's Desire for more! Like, comment and share. Thanks for reading and for your support!


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Lone Wolf...
by PascaleH