The Secret Lives of...
By JoySchultz9
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What happens after the superhero gets the girl? Nobody said being married was easy, but try being married to a superhero. Not only is there laundry, cooking, and a career to balance, but throw in a few supervillains and your day's booked. Ariana, Victoria, and Emma's men spend more time saving the world than doing dishes. These wives want some semblance of a normal married life, but would settle for an uninterrupted meal together. How can they compete with saving the world? When a catastrophic earthquake devastates Shadow Town and crime spirals out of control, the city needs help. Everyone expected the superheroes to save the day, but nobody expected the wives' help too... You don't want to miss this untold story because it'll make you question who are our superheroes.

Saturday April 3rd

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The Secre...
by JoySchultz9