A new life [BNHA]
By singedfibers
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[ A spinoff of 'Back in time during the present' ( https://my.w.tt/1TJZaxKJP0 ) Where the past of Dabi is discovered. You have to read the original for this to make sense. ] After the league got captured while they worked to save Dabi, the heroes got an idea. A controversial one. The "Reform Program" was put in place so that the villains, tortured souls with bad pasts, could pay for their crimes without prison time, and so that they could heal and clean up their act. The students are worried about having the whole league living at their school, while the league is annoyed at all their pasts and trauma being drilled at my therapists, students, and teachers. They don't want to be good. They want to be villains. Meanwhile, the world deals with the fact that even villains have hearts, and heroes have to face their faults on how THEY have wronged the villains themselves. (( dark themes such as suicide mentions, sexual harassment mentions, abuse and etc. Will be included in this story. )) (( This story will focus on all of the villains (( not just the league, but mainly them. )) and their paths to being good. ))

Chapter 1: the beginning.

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A new lif...
by singedfibers