The Blood Drinkers...
By willoughbyblake
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When Jonathan Macbeth is sent to live with his distant cousins in Transylvania, he doesn't expect his life to take an unexpected turn -- but it does. Now Jonathan has to learn how he can cope with his new condition, with the unhelpful aid of Mira, a young strong-willed woman, Ronnie, a wild mannered child and Macbeth, a very peculiar teenager. All of this, while constantly being blood-thirsty. Warning - there are numerous satirical description of violence, blood and lust. Read at your own discretion. There's also plenty of strong language. Blame it on Ronnie. The story is not complete, but you can find out what happens in each chapter. Click on the chapter to get a sneak peek! Achievements: # 71 satire out of 4.2K stories # 15 darkcomedy out of 582 stories # 76 bloodthirsty out of 1.5K stories

Jonathan - underworld

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The Blood...
by willoughbyblake