Percy Jackson- The...
By EXMoonChild
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Percy was a hero, the greatest of them all. He had a nice life (aside from the monsters) he had a fiancée, awesome friends, and a cool family. But not everything is meant to last. One day, Percy got setup. Annabeth lost feelings for him, and he was called a traitor, just for a single mistake. Years of service and glory but when he makes a mistake once, everything is forgotten. Percy gets banished to Tartarus for all eternity, until finally the gods crawl back to Percy for mercy and beg for help, but Percy is sick of helping so he plans revenge. And Nyx helps him become the person he was always meant to be. I do NOT own Percy Jackson and most of the characters. There might be an OC but Rick Riordan owns most of the characters.

Percy Jackson- Mistaken

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Percy Jac...
by EXMoonChild