The Boy Who Was Fea...
By XantheRowds
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Maylene Madness has always been a goody-two-shoes daughter of a wealthy family but after her father was framed for murder, her life started to drift apart for the worst. The people she trusted grew distant, her mother she looked up to jumped off to her death, her caring father got executed right before her eyes and to make matters worse, the boy of her dreams had her parents photos drenched in human piss on here schools desk and after a month of constant suffering, Maylene had it enough. She changed her name, erased her family history and transferred to a new school. Maylene Madness no longer exists. It's now Hailey Carson, the girl who grew distant and numb but when a quiet dark-skinned Henry Anderson, the boy who was feared, caught her interest, she finds her wounded heart slowly started to heal. Follow eighteen-year-old Maylene where she somewhere along with new faces she finds herself and madly falls in love with a boy who's got a popular yet ugly reputation. [book 1 in the broken series]

The Boy Who Was Feared

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The Boy W...
by XantheRowds