Dont Fall for Him |...
By OmgBTSAbstho
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Toptae! Bottomkook! Jeon Jungkook is the schools new kid, an innocent 17 year old who had been homeschooled up until now. He had an older step brother, Jung Hoseok who lived in another country, where he attended a boarding highschool for both genders. This was the school that Jungkook was also going to start attending, since his parents both have to work far away for a while. Despite being naive to almost everything, he was still taught by his parents to stay away from people who looked like trouble and bad news. Being the good little kookie he is, he willingly promises his overprotective parents that he will by all means stay out of trouble. No wild parties No alcohol No drugs No 'bad' boy influences and absolutely, NO SEX that's the list his parents have given him, and he happily agrees.... And then there is Kim Taehyung. Badboy, Fuckboy, Player, Arrogant and cold hearted that always puts up a wall between him and others. He has a few close friends, but otherwise he fucks every other thing that moves. He had just completed a dare one of his friends had given him, of 'screwing everyone in their year' of highschool, when a new kid comes along. Now seeing Jungkook as the last person he needs to get in bed, he sets his skills to full use when trying to seduce the boy. How will Jungkook react? Will Taehyung get Jungkook in his bed? whose going to get hurt when everything crashes? This is my book, and you may ask for permission to translate it, don't just do it. Any content of mine found in another book and I will report it, but if it was me who has a similar story line to one of your books, then just know that it was purely by coincidence. I do not tolerate plagiarism. anywayyyyy there will be -kinks -sideships -smut -fluff -swearing -violence -abuse(idk how much yet tho, might only be a little) -slight depression -that kinda stuff anyway, Enjoyyyyyy

1. School

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Dont Fall...
by OmgBTSAbstho