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By skzenie
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Part 5 of the Dark Kid series Death is something that constantly picks at the back of the mind.. And when it happens it effects those around in may ways. Especially if the one who is dead.. is you.. However, In Death, you'll find your only hope as you walk among the living. Hope in the form of a boy who can see the deceased. This boy is none other than the schools outcast Han Jisung. " I wanted to do so much with my life.. There is so much I could still do.." "Then Stay with me. Walk with me. Live through me all the way until the moment God decides to take you for good." * #1 in kpopsmut • #11 in purgatory •#2 In YourChoice [ The Dark Kids Series has no set order, start anywhere] **This story is purely fiction and may not be unsuited for most readers. Veiwer discretion is advised. May include Sexual content, Graphic language, depression, and extreme dark themes. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.**

Chapter 1 | Drown

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Beauty In...
by skzenie