Serendipity (Tomura...
By Day2780
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ser·en·dip·i·ty /ˌserənˈdipədē/ (noun ) Finding something good without ever looking for it Like all great love stories, they met by accident. He didn't intend to stop by the bar that night, honestly he was actually quite busy but.... when he heard her honey-suckle voice echo out of the tavern, he knew he was hooked. Sensory overload slowly dripped down his spine like a sap running down an oak tree, completely encompassing. He was covered in it, he was soaked in a new type of sensation, a type of dependence that filled every crevasse of his body, drenched in a new and foreign type of infatuation. He didn't truly realize it at the time but, soon after he pushed her away, he found out how truly addicted he was. (Reader insert) X Tomura Shigiraki (Reader insert) X Aizawa Shota BNHA themed & inspired *Has alternate endings* Please tag me and sight my account when you use my content. #1 TomuraxReader (January 1, 2021) #3 LeagueofVillans (February 8, 2021) #4 TomuraShigarkixReader (December 17, 2020) #6 ShotaAizawaxReader (January 1, 2021) #27 overhaul (October 25, 2020) Written May 28th, 2020


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