The Priestess
By mintchocochipcookie
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Werewolves have hidden themselves carefully from human scrutiny for centuries and have evolved into powerful clans all around the world. They have prospered into fully functional societies and the stories of their origin have become, well, mere stories to be told to children while tucking them in bed. However, when a rogue clan begins to rip apart the peaceful fabric that has held together their species for years, questions begin to be raised. Are they just animals hungry for blood or is it something more sinister, something darker that even the strongest pack cannot put up a fight against? It is then they remember the prophecy that chills even their eldest to their very core, because they know that if their Moon Goddess resorts to dark magic to protect her children then the danger is much, much greater than they can comprehend. They know if the prophecy of the birth of The Priestess comes true, they're battling against their very extinction. ~ When the darkness threatens to engulf the glow of the moon that guides your path, the Goddess will grace you with a blessing that will save your land, blood and future. From the crimson rays of a blood moon, the world will see the birth of power in its most divine form: The rise of a Priestess. ~ THE ENTIRE NOVEL IS TYPED ON MY PHONE. FRESH UPDATE ON EVERY SUNDAY.

Chapter One - The Wolf

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The Pries...
by mintchocochipcookie