Playing with Fire
By jspruill1130
  • Fantasy
  • -romance
  • action
  • alpha
  • dragon
  • dragonshifter
  • dragonslayer
  • evil
  • fantasy
  • fantasy-romance
  • fantasyadventure
  • firequeen
  • hate
  • unlikelyromance
  • war
  • wyvern


In a time when war rages between beasts of the sky and man, one warrior steps forward, to do what is needed to protect the village and all who dwell there. Blair is a ferocious warrior with skills that far outmatch the men of her village, but a woman, is forbidden to take the title of "dragon slayer". She is expected to marry the man she was betrothed to at birth and sit idly by as villages and all who dwell there, perish at the hands of the beast she hates with a burning passion. That may be her duty, but it is certainly not her destiny. Drakon despises the ignorance of humans, but as the dragon shifter's alpha, he has no choice, but to uphold a century old oath to protect the people of his territory. He was doing that just fine, until he caught a whiff of her. Everything about her makes his blood boil, confirming his worst suspicions... she is his mate. How could fate be so cruel, to pair a dragon shifter with a dragon slayer? Even though, they are destined to kill one another, they must learn to trust one another and work together as a greater evil invades their territory and threatens everything they hold dear. Their only hope, only redemption, is for the dragon and the dragon slayer to join as one.

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Playing w...
by jspruill1130