Revolutionary Love...
By xDreamingOutLoud
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Hope Forrester is a history loving 18 year old living in the year 2012. Spring Break has just started for Hope during her senior year of High School and everything seems to be going perfect so far - that is until a car accident sends her into a very complicated situation where she wakes up in the 1770s. Hope doesn't know how or why but she's stuck. After Benjamin Martin takes her in under his wing as his own child and her mixed racial background adding a new twist to how everyone sees her, she thinks this might be better than 2012. That is until Charleston, South Carolina falls to the British and she's taken as a prisoner. What makes her world turn upside down even more is rebelling against a man who causes her very emotions to be put right onto the battlefield - that man being Colonel William Tavington. With the mixed emotions and signals Tavington shows, she can never know what will happen. They haven't been together long, but there's a spark at the ball neither one of them can deny. Can Hope escape back to Benjamin who has been trying to find her, will James Wilkins try to protect her, or will Colonel Tavington be the man to see her last breath?

Chapter 1 ~ The Modern Day

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by xDreamingOutLoud