In The End We Are S...
By Jennylove_ofNobelium
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Richie doesn't know how to handle the way Eddie makes him feel. Neither does Eddie. After the events of IT chapter 1 (2017) The losers club slowly get to find out more about Richie, then what he would have wanted them to. This story follows to journey of growing up, and the issues with self image, abuse, romance, friendship. And... Forgetting all your friends?? After the events of IT chapter 2 (2019) The losers club need to learn how to live the the memories of troubled pasts, and... dead people? Rating is NC-17. (For language, violence, eternized homophobia, sexual scene [that you can skip] and use of tobacco: other substances) (I have also posted this fan-fiction on A03, my username is Animebrains) It's called: In The End We Are Still The Same. Same fanfic. Same name. Feel free to read this Fanfic on A03 I update the chapters at the same time, it's just a lot more organized and has Author's notes on A03


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In The En...
by Jennylove_ofNobelium