Purchased Wife#Watt...
By HopeCrazyReader17
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Meet Emily Parker. Her parents were shot when she was only 15 and guardianship going to her uncle and aunt. But do they treat her with love? NO! They treat her with hate and abuse. They have broken her mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. But there's one person in the family that tries to protect her as much as he can. Her cousin Curtis. But he isn't enough. All her life she had dreamed of getting married to someone that will take her away from these everyday tortures and love her with all he's got. But what happens when Liam Knight, the Forbes sexiest billionaire tycoon of New York, purchased her as his wife and continues to torture her. And what will happen when he finds out about her life? Keep reading to find out! Love, Hope ♥️♥️ ------------------------------ This story is 18+ read at your own risk. This story consists of rape, all kinds of abuse, and a whole lot of anxiety. DO NOT read if you're not comfortable with the description. R A T I N G S: #1 in Anxiety #1 in ArrangedMarriage #1 in CEO #1 in Mature Content #1 in Billionaire #1in FallingInLove #1 in abuse #1 in Possessive #1 in strong #1 in Love #1 in Freedom #1 in Enjoy #1 in Married #1 in Rude #2 in Wattpad #2 in Romance #2 in Strong #4 in True Love #8 in Love Story #11 in Rude #37 in complete #21 in LoveAtFirstSight

Chapter 1: Torture

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by HopeCrazyReader17