A Broken Promise
By petal001
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Huda Idrees, a 22 year old nurse, finds herself in a complicated relationship with her old high school crush, Bilal Hassan. The problem is, they haven't exactly been on speaking terms since he ran away with another girl. Huda tries to stop her feelings for Bilal from arising all over again but she can't help herself, especially when his adorable daughter also finds a way to worm herself into Huda's heart. Now, Huda must try to deal with unresolved feelings, tensions and family fueds in order to make do with said complicated relationship. They were once in a secret friendship. She loved him. And he loved someone else. But they promised that they'd remain friends forever. Until, one day, he ran away. Six years have gone by and now he's back. He's back with a new promise. One that she doesn't think he'll end up keeping. And she's afraid. Afraid of losing the man she's loved all over again.

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A Broken...
by petal001